Congratulations on taking the first step in becoming a fluid speaker in Italian, Spanish, French or English!

I created a brand new lesson plan that improves foreign language skills, simply by using repetition in conversation. There are 3 packages to pick from. Each package contains 10 uniquely designed lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. All lessons are one on one conversations through Video Chat.

The further you progress in the lessons, the better your understanding and enunciation improves in the new language. Each package is specifically designed for a certain language skill level. If you do not speak the foreign language at all, package #1: MAP is for you. If you speak the language a little, package #2: JOURNEY is for you. For all you fluent or almost fluent in a foreign language, package #3: TREASURE is for you

I am so excited to potentially be teaching you 1:1 through conversational fun!


  • Come and have candid convos with someone who’s lived there! 
  • Easy-going, fun classes where you’ll have fun learning the language!
  • You get individualized attention to your specific language-learning needs!
  • Talk with someone who is a native-speaking citizen of Italy, France and US! 
  • I teach how to overcome feeling uncomfortable or awkward when speaking your new language!
And I know you don’t want a cookie-cutter group setting, and because of that, when you learn your new language with me.

  • You won’t need to spend hours in a stuffy class.
  • You won’t have any tedious memorization. 
  • You won’t need to learn complicated grammar rules.
  • You won’t have to sit patiently through a boring lesson or things that don’t pertain to your specific language learning journey.
  • You will never have to stand up and speak in front of strangers, like you would have to do in a regular class setting.
Here’s what working with me actually looks like!

  • 30-min fun, candid, entertaining conversation.
  • Unlimited 24-7 access to sending me messages for any questions that might come up in-between.
  • Top-of-the-line language learning curriculum that is designed to make sure you reach your language goals by the time we finish working together!

Consider learning a new language your private treasure hunt.

Here at Talk to Learn, I help individuals like yourself navigate the map to find your treasure, one lesson at the time. Each lesson is a new clue that brings you closer to your own personal treasure: 

***Maximum Foreign Language Capacity.***

 And that, my friends, is Priceless! 

The following 3 packages are personally developed. Each package is uniquely created to gradually increase your language skills.  This is simply achieved by using repetition in conversation. Our lessons will be done through Video Chat. We always follow your pace, not mine!

There is never homework and little or no class preparation is required by you. Simply pick the most suitable package for you and follow my directions; a.k.a. Treasure Map. 🙂 The 3 packages are made for everyone, so you can………….. Talk to Learn.


You Never Saw a Map Before= You Do Not Speak the Foreign Language at All.


You are Getting Comfortable Reading and Following the Map= You Understand and Speak the Foreign Language a Little.


You find the Treasure and You Get to Spend It= You are Fluent or Almost Fluent in the Foreign Language.

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