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Haven on Earth

Our logo is Haven: the royal purple bird
Haven symbolizes peace and acceptance of all, equally.
Our mission at Haven On Earth is to increase acceptance of all cultures, all religions, or lack of religion, all sexual orientations, and all wardrobe choices.
We support local Non-Profit Organizations in the Pittsburgh area by donating funds.
Our main goal at Haven On Earth is to support equality for all. We are all individually made, individually unique, and we need to celebrate our differences, not attempt to overcome them.
Please donate to this worthy cause for the future of our Earth.
All donations assure the spreading of Haven On Earth’s mission of peace, and acceptance to all equally.
FREE HAVEN STICKERS are distributed to the public. 
Stickers purchased by Non-Profit Foundation Haven On Earth with  donations from general public.
Donations can be sent by clicking DONATE BUTTON.
All establishments show casing Haven sticker on their front door accept all Individuals equally, no matter which cultures, religion, no religion, sexual orientations and wardrobe choices.

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