Come and have candid convos with someone who’s lived there!
Easy-going, fun classes where you’ll have fun learning the language!
Talk with someone who is a native-speaking citizen of Italy, France and US!
Learn at the convenience of your time and your home!
You get individualized attention and accountability to your specific language-learning needs!
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About Me

This year during March 2020 I started my new business Talk to Learn. I developed 3 packages in 4 foreign languages. Each package contains 10 lessons. Each lesson is personally created to improve understanding and enunciation of the new language. The 1st package is for you if you never spoke the language. The 2nd package is for you if you speak it a little. The 3rd package is for you if you are fluent or almost fluent in the foreign language. I also offer VIP privileges. This is for you if you want to chat with other clients at Talk to Learn. This is the time to practice what you have learned so far. You get to improve your enunciation even further by talking to other “Talk to Learn”  VIP members.

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What Makes This Different?

I will increase language skills in Italian, Spanish, French and English with customized, new, fun, conversational ways.


I created a brand new lesson plan that improves foreign language skills, simply by using repetition in conversation. There are 3 packages to pick from. Each package contains 10 uniquely designed lessons. Each lesson is 30 minutes long. All lessons are one on one conversations through Video Chat.

Easy to Learn

Each package is specifically designed for a certain language skill level. If you do not speak the foreign language at all, package #1: MAP is for you. If you speak the language a little, package #2: JOURNEY is for you. For all you fluent or almost fluent in a foreign language, package #3: TREASURE is for you

“Claire is compassionate, caring and patient and has the biggest heart. This helps her create the most fun sessions with her students!”

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